Monday, 7 December 2009

Wot no toilet?

On a recent trip to London I was reminded of that annoying concept that only seems to appear in London, cafes with no toilet.

Why is that? Are they afraid that the homeless and drunks of the streets will appear on their doorstop and use their facilities? Are they afraid that customers might dwell there too long with their lip gloss? Are they afraid that you might buy only a measly packet of biscuits just to use the loo? Or do they just not give two hoots about their customers?

How many people can manage a latte without a wee? Come on girls, you know what I am saying! Why on earth do the Costa coffees and Prets of the world think it is ok not to bother giving us the usual facilities.

Not only is it bad customer service and certainly leaves me unimpressed and bursting to go, I would actively avoid cafes without toilets. So your £2.99 for a coffee has just gone somewhere else.

As opposed to it being something cafes grudgingly supply to you it could actually be made into a positive. A good clean loo is actually a selling point. I remember where the good loos are in a town. And an exciting and different loo can make you actually specifically visit a restaurant. There are toilets in a particular restaurant in Paris that are so exciting with an aquarium, and pretend peep holes, that is worth the detour.

So come, let’s have some decent toilets and be proud if people come off the street to use them. They might buy a coffee for the trouble.

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