Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Anyone heard of BOGOL?

By now most consumers are familiar with BOGOF, buy one get one free. It has been the most regular tool in the sales promotion bag for some years now. But this week, Tesco has announced that it is trialling a new scheme “Buy One Get One Free Later”, or as I have christened it – the BOGOL. So what is that about?

Well it seems to have come from a really good consumer insight, (as most of tesco’s ideas seem to). Some customers are interested in Tesco’s Bogofs but can’t use the produce before the sell by date. This is likely to be most common amongst smaller households.

What a neat little idea! According to Tesco, customers can pick up their free product the same day or the next week.

A – ha! So there is the crux of the clever idea. What better way to ensure that customers come back into your store the following week? Personally I flit between two supermarkets, just to vary the experience and for a touch of variety in the products.

No denying that Tesco have done a superb job in the loyalty arena with their club card but the BOGOL offer is better in some ways since I actually have to go in to the store. And who has ever heard of ANYONE going into the shop for ONE item and coming out with just ONE? Or is it just me that walks in without a basket and ends up juggling seven items like a demented clown?

When you consider the strong growth in a one person households as well as lone parent households, the insight becomes all the more powerful.

Oh and Tesco also claim they are helping us with our food waste reduction. Anybody smell greenwash?

Great idea Tesco but let’s not bother trying to pretend you are helping me reach my green target. It’s a great marketing / customer loyalty idea – be proud of it!

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