Friday, 29 January 2010

iPad – success or flop?

What a lot of buzz about the iSlate that turned out to be the iPad? It’s got the whole world talking about it so the Apple marketing machine is still on top form.

So is this all buzz and no substance? Or is the iPad set to be another roaring success?

I think part of us would like to see Apple make a mistake for once, maybe it’s the British way to pull down the giant and see the underdog take a slice, but I don’t think it’s going to happen this time. I predict a success.

There are some arguments that say the product has no real technical innovation. Probably true but I haven’t studied it enough to know. There is another argument that says if you have the iMac and you have the iPhone there is no real need for this product. Also probably true.

However, it looks great, it works like an iphone with all the ease of use that goes with it, and what’s more it’s priced very competitively. I think it will appeal to women and families.

This is not a product for gadget man that has everything already. This is not a product for that bloke who keeps going on about how the Nokia phone is superior (you know the one).

This is a product that will appeal to families where one laptop is always being fought over. This product will attract females who want to use it to communicate, look at photos and browse the web. And you can bet that it beats windows 7 hands down on touch screen ability.

Apple are great at communication. Looks to me like the iPad will be great for all forms of communication so I am voting “success”.

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